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What is MVPP?

About MVPP:

Mukhyamantri Vigyan Pratibha Pariksha (MVPP) is a scholarship examination which is conducted by the Science & TV Branch of the Directorate of Education, Govt. of NCT of Delhi since 2005. Earlier, it was named as Junior Science Talent Search Examination or JSTSE

Eligibility Criteria:

(i) The students presently studying in Class IX in Govt., Govt. Aided and Unaided recognized Pvt. Schools including the Kendriya Vidyalaya, Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, School of MCD, NDMC, DCB, etc. in GNCT of Delhi.

(ii) Must have secured 60% marks in Class VIII, 5% relaxation in marks for the students belonging to SC/ST and PH category.

Exam Cost:

The exam is totally free of cost, that is, the student does not have to pay any fees to appear for the examination

Examination Pattern:

The pattern of written examination will be as follows for —:

Paper I Mental Ability Test (MAT) 100 100 120
Paper II Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) 100 100 120

Even though the sections are different, the student has to submit the the paper altogether after 4 hours. FULL PATTERN ANALYSIS:
  1. MAT: 100 questions
  2. SAT: 100 questions (breakdown of marks below)

    • Physics: 13 questions
    • Chemistry: 13 questions
    • Biology: 14 questions

    • MATHS
    • Maths: 20 questions

    • SST
    • History: 10 questions
    • Civics: 10 questions
    • Geography: 10 questions
    • Economics: 10 questions


Top 1000 meritorious students will get ₹5000 as reward. These students will be facilitated by Chief Minister of Delhi Mr. Arvind Kejriwal and Deputy CM of Delhi Mr. Manish Sisodia

Access Previous Years Question Paper and Solutions:

Click here to Access Previous Years Question Paper and Solutions of MVPP

Why JSTSE Guru?

Study Material
Comprehensive Study Material

Contains only MVPP specific facts and topics as per the syllabus and level of the Mukhyamantri Vigyan Pratibha Pariksha

Carbon-Copy Practice Questions

Students have found that 70% of the questions asked in their MVPP were exactly similar or a carbon copy of the practice questions provided by us

Most Probable Questions
Most Probable Questions

Prepared by MVPP Scholars every year who have a special ability of forecasting almost matching questions for forthcoming MVPP

The Most Feared Section, MAT

Unlike what every student thinks, MAT is actually the scoring section in MVPP. Our team has prepared the material in such a way that it guarentees 95+ / 100 in the exam.

Online Test Series
Finely Drafted Online Test Series

OLTS or Online Test Series gives a student the real examination like experience [Tests are as per MVPP format] along with a detailed and effective analysis after each test.

Get Rewards On Clearing MVPP

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Director image

Mehul Srivastava (Founder & Managing Director)
Mehul Srivastava, after 5 years' long research about the exam pattern and also being a JSTSE (earlier the exam was called JSTSE) Scholar, now has a deep knowledge about the examination. Questions designed and made by him have directly come into the MVPP Examination. He has now cracked the 'Da Vinci Code' of MVPP.

Note from the Director:

Hello Students! I know time is of the essence for you, hence I won't take more than two minutes to explain some crucial facts regarding MVPP and allow me to be brutally honest with you. MVPP is NOT tough to crack and I've been there so you can take my word for it. (The exam was earlier known as JSTSE)

The real reason for starting this educational platform was to make quality education accessible to EVERY student who is a MVPP aspirant. Seeing countless institutions commercialising such a prestigious exam and too at such an early stage in the students' life is just not acceptable.

MVPP is conducted to empower students at a very young age and hence every student who seriously wants to achieve something great at a very young age should be guided properly, that is, to help them cross the finish line rather than commercialising which is the supreme goal of every institute. Unfortunately, that's the case with most of the institutions we all know.

I'm not forcing you to connect with my institute at once, but the only thing which I can say is that you need a friend who can guide you rather than a tutor who simply teaches you the facts. So if you're looking for a friend who can guide to the Ultimate Victory- Welcome to JSTSE Guru.

Mr. Mehul Srivastava
[Managing Director,]


Dr. Ravindra

Being an AIIMS alumunus, Dr. Ravindra is very passionate about how we consume and interact with technology, he is driving the vision of JSTSE Guru to remove the barriers of income, gender and safety when it comes to accessing quality education to crack a competitive exam like MVPP.

Ms. Richa

With extensive experience in business management, Ms. Richa leads the senior management team and is responsible for the overall supervision, direction and management of the company. She is the driving force behind JSTSE Guru.

Prof. Ruchi

Prof. Ruchi is the one who's always putting new-age systems for flawless operations, technological advancements and overall automation to reach out every single MVPP apirant to ensure their rank in the exam.

Mr. Samar

Mr. Samar is the quintessential force behind JSTSE Guru. His own rise from ordinary to an extraordinary IIT-Graduate has made him one of the best counsellors for students aspiring for success in competitive examinations.

Mr. Nishkarsh

Mr. Nishkarsh, apart from being a dedicated member is also the co-founder of JSTSE Guru. Specialised in providing partnership programmes with different institutions, he is also a verified instructor at Wharton's School of Business

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Best Online Coaching for MVPP

JSTSE Guru has been developed with the fact keeping in mind that MVPP is just not a competition, but it’s an honor & pride to be a part of our nation’s asset as an individual.

JSTSE Guru is a charismatic learning module, developed after years’ long consistent hard work of Our Director - Mr. Mehul Srivastava with his team to ensure your rank in MVPP.

JSTSE Guru is the 'Best Online Preparation Platform for MVPP' where you will get complete study material that all you need for Mukhyamantri Vigyan Pratibha Pariksha. It not only comprises of comprehensive study material, most probable questions, practice questions, solved examples, unsolved question clouds but also includes chapter tests & an extraordinary test series to prepare the students to build up their efficiency, accuracy and stamina. Hence, this is the best platform for MVPP preparation online as well as for a class 9th student.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Answer: MVPP is conducted by the DoE or the Directorate of Education, Delhi. The Mukhyamantrin Vigyan Pratibha Pariksha is a 1-stage scholarship exam meant only for class 9th students studying in Delhi.
Answer: JSTSE Guru is a charismatic learning module, developed after years’ of research by Mr. Mehul Srivastava with his team to ensure your success in MVPP. JSTSE Guru is designed with specific content (the best study material for MVPP overall), so that student can get maximum benefit from JSTSE Guru, this level of detailing is missing in any other MVPP training domain.
Answer: MVPP is not just another competitive examination, but it’s an honour to be recognized as a talent and that’s the reason why the tag of “MVPP Scholar” earns a lot of respect in society. With the stakes so high and the competition so tough, one must start preparing for MVPP at an early stage. Since the syllabus of MVPP includes Science, Maths of class 9th but has a higher level than Basic Concepts one should start preparing for MVPP right from ending of the final exams of class 8th to have a better grip over the exam.
Answer: This exam was launched in 2005 to identify the young talent of our nation, it was named as JSTSE or Junior Science Talent Search Examination. But recently it has been renamed to Mukhyamantri Vigyan Pratibha Pariksha in the year of 2021.
Answer: For clarification, no student can register for the exam individually, it has to be done through the school. Schools automatically release the application form which has to be submitted back to the school before the deadline. That is all a student needs to do to register himself or herself for JSTSE.
Schools interested in registering their students for MVPP, know the full process by clicking here.

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