*Only the students who have subscribed to JSTSE Guru and have cleared JSTSE in 2020-21 are applicable for a prize

This is a method initiated by JSTSE Guru in which, if a student clears or gets selected in JSTSE 2020-21 i.e his/her name is in the merit list of JSTSE 2020-21 released by the Directorate of Education, Delhi and is also a subscriber i.e has purchased a course of JSTSE Guru in the academic year of 2020-21 . Then the price of the course i.e the full amount/ money paid to JSTSE Guru for the course the student had enrolled for, will be returned to the student only after the student submits:

  1. A screenshot of the name on the merit list for JSTSE 2020-21
  2. A copy of his/ her admit card
  3. A copy of one of his/ her government issued ID i.e Aadhar Card or Passport
  4. A copy of his/ her school issued ID Card
  5. A document issued by the bank, to which the money is to be transferred, stating the existence of a joint account of the student with one of his/ her guardians
  6. His/ her name, email address, 10 digit mobile number and the billing address which he had submitted at the time of purchase of a course
  7. A video of student's testimonial
  8. A recent passport sized photograph of the student

Soon after the submission of the following things mentioned above, a verification will take place and once JSTSE Guru approves that the result and documents are authentic, a cashback will be initiated and the money will be transferred to the bank account of the student within 15 days after the verification

A list prepared by JSTSE Guru of the students who have subscribed to JSTSE Guru in 2020-21 and have cleared JSTSE 2020-21, containing the students' name, roll number and his marks, will be uploaded on the website soon after the OFFICIAL RESULT OF JSTSE 2020-21 is released
(The list released by JSTSE Guru will be in a descending order with respect to MARKS)

The TOP 3 students, in the list prepared by JSTSE Guru, will be given back the full amount/ money of the course they had purchased.
The subsequent students in the list will also be given a cashback of 500

NOTE: Only the students who send the above required documents to JSTSE Guru within 10 days of the announcement of the result will be considered for the reward